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The Garden House

The Garden House

The little Garden House is designed to fit in the smallest of spaces. Even on the patio of a condo. But don't let its small size and low price fool you. This diminutive cutie is constructed with the same quality and care as all of our other models.

The configuration shown measures 4' W x 4' D x 6'H, and is painted in a whimsical palette of red, yellow, white and green. It features a weather-resistant dutch door, 2 working screened safety glass windows and shutters and 2 skylights. The interior is finished in painted luan and the exterior is available in your choice of 3 colors. The floor is covered in a wood plank linoleum and the roof is constructed of weather resistant LP SmartSide wood.

Other sizes and a variety of upgrades are available.

Price: $1,795.00