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Things to consider when purchasing playground equipment

April 15, 2012

Swing sets are pieces of playground equipment that are essentially a frame from which several swings are suspended. Most swing sets contain two or more swings, sliding equipment, and different type of ladders. This gives multiple activities and features for children to play with. Some swings sets also combine with a tree?house style fort or clubhouse.

The swing sets come in variety of colors and choices. Wooden swing sets are usually made of cedar, and are among the most popular ones. The wood varies in its quality and make. There are also metal swing sets commonly known as traditional swing sets. The swing sets differ in shape, feature, size, style, and height.

Each material has to be painted and protected for durability and life. Swing sets made of metals have to be galvanized or painted in order to prevent from rusting. Using lighter color of paint helps to keep the metal swing set cooler when touched, as light color absorbs less sunlight. With wood, often pressure treated woods are used to prevent deterioration. Plastic is less used, as it is not strong enough to support much weight.

Swing sets usually hold two to four seats, along with sliding equipments and climbing parts. The various swing sets accessories include pre-cut, pre-sanded, and pre-drilled lumber, also the necessary hardware, accessories, and slide. There are also commercial swing sets that are used in schools, residential playgrounds and other public gardens.

Each swing set is designed to give utmost importance to the child's safety. The swing set should be installed over a sand or pea gravel base, and should be 6 feet away from the walls. The best place to install a swing set is in the backyard and this helps children be active outdoors, and to take in fresh air and maintain physical fitness. It is the duty of the parents to make the play area safe and supervise the children. Swing sets will lure away the attention of children from passive activities and in-house games.