Swing Set Safety is our #1 Concern

When It Comes To Your Kids Its Safety First

To ensure your children's safety it is essential to have proper assembly and professional installation of your play system. This will actually save you time and money in the long run. It is also a very good idea to install a proper play surface to protect your children from needless injury. We offer a line of attractive, quality rubber tiles and rubber mulch products that will make any play area more child-friendly and give you greater peace of mind.

We have added new services and pricing for your convenience. Safety, proper installation and customer satisfaction are our highest priority. Get the best with Swing Set Solutions!

Steps we take to ensure a 100% safe environment for kids to play:

1. Recessed Bolts and Hardware

All bolt connections are recessed, creating a safe environment for kids to play! Parents won't have to worry about cuts, scrapes or torn clothes with our swing sets. When kids are caught up in the thrill of a game they easily forget that they are playing on a carefully constructed swing set. Hardware that is not recessed can pose a safety hazard - something you won't worry about with a Swing Set Solutions swing set.

2. Rounded Corners and Edges

All of our wood has rounded edges and corners, creating a safe and fun-playing environment that looks great in your yard! We do everything we can to ensure the swing set you purchase from us is as safe as possible including rounding every wood corner and edge smoothly for your child's safety. Even the wood we use for our swing sets, genuine redwood, is virtually splinter free.

3. Plastisol Coated Swing Set Chains

Even the chains are our swing sets get special attention. Swing Set Solutions utilizes plastic coated swing set chains to minimize pinching of little fingers, cut down on material deterioration, and mute chain noise. The coated chains are utilized anywhere a chain is required in the set.

Plastisol Coated Swing Set Chains prevent fingers from getting pinched and helps with better gripping for small hands.

4. Sturdy Steel Swing Connectors

Sturdy steel connectors provide a full range of motion without locking plus the additional strength needed for a lifetime of safe play.

The swing set connectors utilized in our play sets are made with a combination of casted steel parts bolted together into a connector assembly. Our swing set connectors are important to note for a couple of reasons. One they are sturdy and allow for safe play for children. Secondly they provide a full range of motion for the swings themselves without some of the locking that are the byproduct of hardware in other swing set systems.

5. Safety Handles

Safety handles are utilized on our swing sets to add one more position for kids to secure their grips when playing. The safety handles are placed in strategic areas on the swing set equipment to make transitions easier from one area to the next.

6. Interlock Flat Steps

The ladder systems on Swing Set Solutions swing sets are designed with interlocking steps for safety and ease of use. The steps make for a sturdy platform when climbing, therefore providing an easier route to the various platforms in our playground equipment.

7. Heavy-Duty Molded Slides

Slides are a critical element of any swing set and the swing sets provided by Swing Set Solutions are no exception. Our slides are molded plastic with side rails that increase safety. These slides are even sturdy enough for mom and dad to join in on the fun!

8. Polyvinyl Playsets: Vinyl Covered Wood Swing Sets and Playsets

Our vinyl swing sets feature safety and quality in every part. Constructed with preserved lumber covered with vinyl, these sets combine the strength of wood and easy care of vinyl to create the ultimate experience in outdoor playsets. Your vinyl swing set will be safe and attractive for years to come with little or no maintenance. Experience outdoor fun without any splinters, staining, sealing, or painting!