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Things to consider when purchasing a vinyl swing set

April 15, 2012

A vinyl swing set for your children is a most important purchase that will entertain them for years. Of course, the structure will become a part of your outdoor landscape. You will be pleased for the fact that many match the house trim details and color along with the fences. The popular vinyl playsets by Swing Kingdom are a great option because they are available in many different colors. They can easily be matched to a homes vinyl siding or the vinyl fences that are so popular.

Before you buy a vinyl playset you will need to consider several factors. Making the decision to buy one is only first step and researching the exact one you will purchase is more complicated. Don't just settle on an inexpensive model and make sure you buy one that is right for your family size and budget. Safety is also a key factor.

Go outside and decide where you will build and the measure the space. Size is important and if you don't know the measurements you might end up with a structure that is too large for the spot you picked. After you have the location measured you have to add a minimum of six feet to those dimensions, length, width and depth. This is often referred to as the safe play perimeter. Making sure there is enough room for the swings to go back and forth, and room for the slides. The children need to exit easily as they move from play station to play station. If you don't complete this task, it can be a major source of frustration when you begin assembling only to find out you out of room!

The safe play perimeter or "Fall Zone" should have a ground covering. This is surfacing component such as rubber mulch (highly recommended), wood chips, fine gravel or fine sand which is placed underneath and all around the equipment. It is placed in all areas where a child might fall. The extra 6 feet that was recommended is to help prevent injuries if the child does fall. That is why, for example, when the kids are swinging, you should have that extra 6 feet in front of the swings as well as in back of the swings. To keep it simple just add 6 feet in all directions.

Most manufacturers also state this, "fall zone in front and back of the swing should extend out a minimum distance of twice the height of the swing as measured from the ground to the top of the swing support structure".