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A backyard swing set or kid slide is a home addition that has stood the test of time

April 15, 2012

With the enormous amount of children's products available today, deciding what to spend your money on can be difficult. As a parent, you want something that will be durable and provide a lot of good times for your kids. When sifting through the wide variety of games and toys, many find that the things they enjoyed as a child are what they want for their children.

When it comes to classics, a backyard swing set or kid slide is a home addition that has stood the test of time. No matter what the current trends are in children's products, generations of happy kids have enjoyed swinging and sliding and will no doubt continue to for generations to come.

Backyard Swing Sets

Backyard swing sets are generally made from wood, wooden composite, or metal. Deciding which material to go with can be a difficult one. A backyard swing set made from metal will be sturdier and require little, if any, maintenance. On the other hand, many homeowners shy away from these swing sets because they don't want their backyard to look like the local, municipal playground. No doubt, a wooden swing set is a classier choice, and if you're willing to spend the money, it can still be completely safe for children to use. That said, even the best wood swing sets will need maintenance in the form of annual (or, at least, biannual) cleaning and sealing. Wood swing sets also present the opportunity to hire a carpenter to build a custom swing set for your backyard, often to truly stunning, visual effect.

Backyard Kid Slides

The kid slide has taken on many forms. There are large metal slides, wet plastic water slides, and, of course, the ever popular banister. Deciding what is right for your home hinges on the space you have and the budget you are working with. Large, metal kid slides are popular for playgrounds, but you may need to scale back the size to allow it to meet your budget. Small metal or plastic kid slides are another good choice. Many models are free-standing and need little to no installation. They don't take up much space, are inexpensive, and are small enough for young children to enjoy safely. The obvious drawback here is the foreshortened window for safe and fun use. As a parent, you don't need to be told that children grow up much too fast.

If you simply can't find a conventional slide design that meets your budget, roll-out plastic slides are inexpensive and a very popular choice for the summer. These kinds of slides require little space, no installation, and a simple outdoor spigot and hose to function. They have also come a long way from the models available 20 years ago. They often have inflatable bumpers and small pools of water at the end for the kids to splash into.

Swing Set-Slide Combos

A combination swing set slide is a very worthy addition to any backyard. By bringing together a few different play things, swing set slide combos provide hours of fun in a variety of ways. Mostly made of metal or wood, these constructions are generally durable enough to last through multiple childhoods.

Swing set slides will require assembly and, in some cases, some moderate level installation. They also take up some space: A medium to large yard will be necessary. Some companies will offer installation services at an extra cost. You can also hire a third party to do the installation.

Benefits of Swings and Slides

While the biggest benefit of any children's product is the child's enjoyment and comfort, outdoor equipment is especially desirable. In this age of video games and television (and, unfortunately, childhood obesity) getting kids out of the living room and into the backyard is very important. An active child will be a healthy child, and kids that get used to enjoying the outdoors at an early age are more likely to choose more healthy activities as they grow.